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1  Forums / Current Events / Re: My Friend, Steve Willis on: October 02, 2013, 07:42:09 PM
I am shocked, even though I knew the chance was there.  Sad.  Happy for him.

He was a special gift from God.  We argued.  Still, I counted him as a friend.

He was a friend.  He always reminded me, that in the end, he was my friend...and I believed that.

May he rest in peace....Heck no!  May he be having the most fabulous time!

Thank You Lord, for sharing him with us!!!
2  Forums / Main Forum / Re: Zero calling... on: August 22, 2013, 05:58:38 AM
Nice to hear this from you!

As in life, everything has a price.  Are you really willing to change?  Are you willing to open up to God and seek and follow His guidance?  To give up control of your life, hold His hand, seek His advice and go to frightening places?  Is the calling idea for you or for Him?

It's not that walking with Him will not be for you, just not in any way you see from where you are.  Your mind and heart and will really need to be open to Him, if you want the real thing and not some contrived Christian idea.  The only way I know for that to happen is asking Him to give you the yearning for Him and for Him to change you.  Over the years, so many times I have found that song, "Change my heart oh God.  Make it ever true. Change my heart oh God.  May I be like you." has been a part of my prayer.

I warn you that adventure with God, is never what you imagined.  Always very much better. 

First though, is He truly the Lord of your Life?  If not, ask Him to help.  His training courses are the best!

Praying for you.
3  Forums / Current Events / Re: Zimmerman case on: August 16, 2013, 11:23:49 AM
Oh Jenni,

I totally understand.  When you get to it.  If you don't, hey, I understand that too.  You are good with me.

Since the last time I commented here someone told me to watch Piers Morgan Tonight, because I would think differently about the girlfriend.  May be true, but....

He was still a kid walking, not bothering anyone, not guilty of anything, except in Zimmerman's mind and stalked by the adult man.

Zimmerman proved again that I was right about his integrity when he pulled the b.s. with the auto accident ...and the police were in on it with him.  When he gets pulled over for speeding the next week, in the police report it says ""Don't play with your firearm, OK?" the officer says."

And by the way, I  do not get my information from one source or only sources that agree with what my original source tells me to believe.  I even listen to Fox News and check their web site for another view of things. 

This week something really creepy happened to me.  Police were involved.  The part I want to share is that I am 100% certain that if I were younger, I would have not ever behaved the same way I did. (Which was controlled.)  I would have been a Chihuahua on a Doberman and things may have been even worse.
4  Forums / Main Forum / Re: Jesus and OT God contradictions? on: August 14, 2013, 08:28:24 AM

I believe that people who know me find me to be one of the most patient, nurturing, kind people they know.  All thanks to God and the suffering I have walked with.

I believe that evangelism is going out and loving people.  Giving to them without expecting anything.  It is a crazy walk and never dull.  I am beaten down sometimes, but God lifts me up.  When I complain for Him to keep His unloved to Himself, He always blesses me with another soul.  They wound me.  He uses every wound for good.

When I am cranky here, it is at the make believe God, in a little box Who is portrayed.  I am cranky about Republicans, because I feel people follow them blindly, without even considering listening to other input, as if doing that is a sin.  Easily manipulated though the rich press and determined to stay there.  Not God's way and yet, meeting Christians, one believes that most of them think being a Republican is the Christian thing to do.  Frustrates me.  A wider view is always beneficial.  The liberals don't make me jump for joy either.

I am for God.  I know pain.  I know suffering.  So much I really can't share with you here.  People that hear my walk are stunned.  But God pulls me out of my hole of despair and uses me for good.  He changes my view and we are off again.  I am for God.  I am for relationship and trust with HIM.  Putting out my hand to Him and daring to walk where He takes me.  He knows way more than me.  I love His hand.
5  Forums / Main Forum / Re: Jesus and OT God contradictions? on: August 14, 2013, 07:59:51 AM
Thanks guys
6  Forums / Main Forum / Re: Jesus and OT God contradictions? on: August 13, 2013, 09:41:18 AM

Just looking at that time through a more current eye.

I am not angry.  I love the way God works.  I am not full of twisted make believe theology though.

No matter how you view things, God does not do things our way. 

We live in a world of sin.  Packed full.  Truth, not anger.

Jesus is our light..  The True One.  Not man.  No man.

How am I angry when I say God does not leave us?  No matter what happens.  No matter how we see things.  He is there.

Always ready.  Always wanting for our best.  He is hope.  He is love.  No matter what we think or imagine or see, He has a plan for good.

He will use our stinking rot for good.  He is amazing.  Wonderful. Trustworthy. He is love.

We are the same old people as always... 
7  Forums / Main Forum / Re: Jesus and OT God contradictions? on: August 13, 2013, 07:45:45 AM
Think about Christians in the US today.

Even many of the poorest among us are far richer than the people in most of the world.  We are free to move about any way which we choose and we have many choices.  As I drive around and people's garage doors are open, I don't see many of them holding cars, but packed with stuff.  Storage units are everywhere.  Restaurants and grocery stores throw away food daily, as do most of us.  Water is available to all.  Heated and air conditioned homes are the norm.  Our children are allowed to be children and are not sent out to work, but instead are nurtured to learn.  Recreation is abundant.  TV's, phones, computers are usual.  Resale stores are packed with clothing, because we have excess.

We are free to choose our own paths in life.  Who we marry.  Churches we attend.  Our employment in most cases.  We have a wide assortment of wonderful and horrible food to choose from.  We have the choice to trust other's opinions and live our lives through their view, or to live our lives through our own view, or to open ourselves up to the life the Holy Spirit guides us through daily.  We can go to church and live by the rules or teaching of a pastor, or we can take what is preached and lay it at God's feet and ask Him to show us what it is He wants us to take away from it.  We are free to walk with tunnel vision that allows us to see the world and it's people in narrow terms of who we are and who and what is right around us or to open our minds and see that there are other ways.

We are told by God not to fear.  90% of Christians I know own at least one gun.  Most more.  Like everyone else, I become rapped up in fear of this or that, perpetuated by the huge amount of information coming at us from all over. A very recent situation in history.  We are greedy with our excess and are like vipers toward anyone who suggest we share our abundance.

We are about "me".

Do we complain?  Do we whine?  Are we worried that someone will take what is ours or not share a part of something we believe we deserve?

The ability to read, thus read God's Word on our own is prevalent in this country.  There are bibles everywhere.  Preachers in books, magazines and though the wide assortment of media outlets sharing their view.  Droves of Christians looking to someone else to teach them about God are everywhere.

Why?  Just like always, He is just a word or a thought away.  He will show you His truth personally and soundly, but we love second hand information.  I have known many prayers through the years, who end up closing up and separating from people, because they are bombarded by people asking them to pray for this or that.  Too lazy even to talk to God themselves.  Even though you don't have to go anywhere special or pay for the privilege. 

We are a people who thrive on gossip.  It is everywhere.  Quick fixes.  Immediate gratification.  Closed minds. Sheep mentality.

And we complain.... and we complain...

It seems that so few of God's blessings on the people of this land of abundance are so wasted.  Are we a people of shining love?  I hear some Christians think so...the problem is too often what is portrayed as love is manipulation and demands.  Self righteous views of ourselves.  Not God's view.

WE are the deity.   We are the god that needs to be cared for and listened to. 

Perhaps the Lord removes people from this earth, not because they are evil, but because they are lost and filled with pain.  We do not know the spirit in which the Lord chose who would leave the earth and who would stay with Moses.  Maybe, just maybe God scooped up special souls into His loving arms and took them to be with Him and left the rest to realize that they need Him.  Most often people, it seems to me, are at God's feet because they need or desire. Sadly it is trials that all too often bring us to the foot of God, not thankfulness for what we have.

An arrogance looms over a huge amount of Christians in this country, as if they are "better" than others.  As if God is on their side and not the side of His other beloved creations.

We complain regularly about the abundant food and water and waste it at the same time.

The only way, far too often that God gets our attention is through pain and suffering.  And then we go to others often or first, until our arms are twisted and we have nothing left but to turn to the foot of our dearest Lord.

We are not different.  God loves each of us.  We do not understand His ways.  We can know Him individually and through that relationship know real love.  And then we must accept that we do not understand God's ways and can not judge.  If there is one thing I have learned from all of the elderly around me, it is that most of them have held something against another for huge amounts of their lives, only to find out what a miss understanding and bad view they had.  Most of them are frustrated that they wasted that time and so relieved to be out of it.

Snake bites can be a huge blessing. 
8  Forums / Main Forum / Re: It's A Cryin' Shame.... on: July 28, 2013, 05:58:27 AM
Jenni, you are the best!  Thanks for the repair.
9  Forums / Prayer Requests / Re: Sharon on: July 19, 2013, 11:31:54 PM
Oh Patti- Praying!!!!  Let us know....
10  Forums / Politics Forum / Re: Question on President Obama on: March 13, 2013, 07:24:23 AM
Where were you when the Republicans ran everything and did nothing about abortion?  Why weren't you screaming when it was so obvious during Romney's campaign that it is true, abortion will never go away, the Dems don't want it to and the Republicans don't either, as for them it is always their ace in the hole to pull out when they are loosing to pull in some voters.

Then, George Bush did evil in the sight of the Lord too. 

You do evil in the sight of the Lord too, by the way....

11  Forums / Prayer Requests / Re: Pray for Teri Collins on: March 13, 2013, 07:16:48 AM
12  Forums / Prayer Requests / Re: Stan's health on: March 06, 2013, 07:25:09 AM
You would think the idiots would at least check something he probably told many other people to take too.

Cheering that you found this and made it through!!!

A good friend always remarks, "Half of 'them' graduated in the bottom half of their class."
13  Forums / Break Room / Re: Pool cue and table help on: February 28, 2013, 02:41:48 PM

Thank you!!! Huge help!!!
14  Forums / Break Room / Pool cue and table help on: February 28, 2013, 12:35:47 PM
Do any of you know anything about pool cues and pool tables?
I'm doing this sale and I don't know where to find prices.
We have a 1970's slate pool table from sears - it has 70s plastic legs and some cues to go with it.  I know my brother had a special cue, so these probably aren't anything special.
The sale's in the am.  I would appriciate any input.
ebay was no help by the way
15  Forums / Main Forum / Re: The Scandal of the Evangelical Heart on: February 21, 2013, 07:46:24 AM
Whatever Jeff.  Why did you remove your last post?  Guess you are just too well connected with God to even consider that the message I keep at you about has any merit.  Is it your dislike for me?  Worried about airing things in public.  Has it occurred to you that without me ever saying a word, other people know? 

....until He pushes me to push you about this again.
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